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ABC Painting Service have been painting Roofs in Perth for over 25 years, offers a 5 year guarantee on our coating. This means our Roof coating Service in Perth has been tried and tested in the field for a period in excess of the guarantee period.” 

Roof Restoration in Perth is not just a ‘quick fix’ paint job to make your roof look pretty. It is professional restoration work to restore a roof to its original condition.

With all restoration work, the preparation is the single most important stage. Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected stage of many roof restorations in Perth. We are often asked to remedy work, which has been poorly prepared. Sadly, this is often an unnecessary extra expense, which the homeowner has to meet.

We aim to get it right the first time, which means we approach Perth roof restoration as a two-step process:

  1. The repair and preparation stage completed by Experienced Tradespeople..
  2. Followed by the Qualified coating stage done by experienced applicators of roof restoration in Perth, WA.

This way, our customers get a job that looks great and lasts.







  1. Secure roof against all possible leaks.
  2. Check for rust patches — clean and treat with rust converter.
  3. Check and secure flashing’s.
  4. Check all tek screws — replace if necessary.
  5. High pressure water clean entire roof to remove all dirt, oxidisation, etc. (a clean surface is essential for the proper adherence of coating).
  6. Clean and flush out all gutters and down pipes.
    1. Spray entire roof with Primer Coat (Zincalume only).
    2. Spray entire roof with 2x Top Coat.
  7. Quotation includes to coat vent pipes, flashing’s, valley irons, etc.
  8. Leave site clean and tidy on completion of work.
  9. Spare coating available from office through term of guarantee.


Our Full roof maintenance and coating procedure is backed by our 5 year guarantee.


ABC Painting Service  was one of the first roof restoration painters in WA. As a Western Australian family business, we take pride in good old-fashioned service. We have earned a reputation for honesty and dependability.



 The restoration & coating processes will be carried out to minimise inconvenience to occupier.
  • All broken & badly chipped tiles to be replaced with matching profile tiles.
  • Any broken capping to be supplied & replaced. Ridge & hip capping to be re pointed using — a special acrylic compound formulated to allow for expansion & contraction.
  • Any existing leaks will be sourced & fixed with a full 12-month four season guarantee.
  • Extreme High Pressure Water Cleaning (3000 p.s.i.) is used to clean the tiles enabling maximum adhesion of paint to the tile substrate.
  • Colorbond colours and More this allows for a Modern Colour selection.
  • Colouring /coating process, our application of sealer & two full top coats has proven to have far superior coverage & density of coating in comparison to other systems. With our re-coating process (in the colour of your choice) the visual effect will assuredly enhance & add value & prestige to your property (Sealer not required for clay tiled roofs).

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